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CYLAD survey: what is the level of commitment to ESG topics of companies in Switzerland?

CYLAD survey: what is the level of commitment to ESG topics of companies in Switzerland?

Integrating ESG dimensions into their core strategy has become a key topic on every company’s agenda. This major stake is redefining our concept of performance and is reshaping operational processes.

CYLAD has conducted an ESG survey of almost 80 companies in the Industry and Services sector in Switzerland. It aimed to assess the level of commitment of Swiss companies on ESG topics and provide insights on how to support and accelerate their sustainability journey.


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High level of commitment with a strong focus on environmental topics  

CYLAD’s survey shows that 70 % of Swiss companies assessed have launched ESG initiatives, with varying degrees of intensity. It also highlights that most efforts are made on the environmental dimension with almost half of the companies’ ESG projects focusing on improving their environmental footprint.
On the social dimension, companies are taking actions on the promotion of equality and diversity.

Within a 2 years’ timeline, Swiss companies’ ESG priorities will be centered around products environmental impact and social external issues (figure 1)

Figure 1.

ESG initiatives are mainly driven by Top Management

This survey also aimed to assess the level of involvement of the different internal stakeholders within companies. It found that, for 2/3 of companies, ESG initiatives are borne by CEOs and employees rarely have objectives on these notions (figure 2).

Figure 2.

This survey showed that companies are looking to ensure the sustainability of the actions taken.  Supporting the steering of ESG initiatives at the right level (selection criteria, objectives and issues, monitoring and management, indicators) to guarantee ESG initiatives has become a key driver of performance.