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Cost Performance – Balancing Cost & Value Drivers

Finding the right ways to keep costs low while still delighting customers is one of the biggest challenges companies face.

SeestattExperts have developed the methodology ‘Cost Performance’ to tackle these issues. SeestattExperts combine the bottom-up with the top-down approach. Market perspective with operational perspective of cost performance. Assessing cost drivers against value drivers and evaluating non-value adding costs.

Applying approved tools and methods we identify qualitative and quantitative improvements and saving potentials along the entire value chain from market to sourcing, on the levels of organization & processes, tools & practices, skills & governance, spending categories.

SeestattExperts have broad and long-standing personal consulting and management experience in unlocking hidden potentials und optimizing cost spending’s in various companies and industries.
We would be pleased to deepen this topic with you. Contact us and benefit from our experience!